Vahid Joudi was born in 1986 in Tehran and received his master of architecture & urban planning with excellent GPA from the Science & Researches branch of IAU in Iran. He started his professional career from 2009 by cooperation as an architect with several famous architecture companies in Iran. In 2017, he founded his own firm “Vahid Joudi Studio [ Architecture & Design ] ”. The firm working method is research-based and its  goal is to reach innovative ideas for  new experiences in the connection between architecture, human life, environment, culture, context and contemporary technology.



“Vahid Joudi Studio” tries to place user feeling experience at the center of designing process in order to deliver engaging, future-oriented projects that respond to the way people actually use space. “VJS” believed that Architecture must be conceptually accessible and culturally pragmatic for all people in a society.
Having a deep understanding of how architecture affects lives and how people’s behavior will evolve in the future is the key to creating architecture that responds to the ways people want to live. “VJS” pursues an interactive design methodology and interdisciplinary approach to explore a wide range of ideas in order to find the response that feels intuitively correct for each situation, (based on its unique program, context, cultural, historical, economic, social etc.)

Finally, for each project “VJS” brings an exploratory attitude and a concern for building performance over time and Conservation and stewardship of natural resources through innovation and commitment to sustainable design principles.

Key Services


Basic services include but not limited to the following:

Architectural Design (all phases) Master Planning & Urban Design Interior Design / Decoration Building Renovation