Beach Sky Villa – Mazandaran, Iran – 2021


Beach Sky Villa is defined on a 615-square-meter site on the south shore of the Caspian Sea in a neighborhood with a predominantly villa-like texture and green nature.

The design of this house had two major challenges; first, how the villa having different spatial approaches interacts with the various structures in the area, and second, the dynamic dialectic between geography, the villa and the user.

After examining the basic information in order to achieve an architecture that causes a kind of metamorphosis in the existing turbulent texture, a spatial scenario was defined in which the greatest potential for communicating with the surrounding nature is obtained.

In the meantime, attention to the sky which is a lost perspective of current structures was raised.

This process led to the creation of negative spaces in the volume, which in addition to creating communication and interaction in line with the horizontal and vertical axis, caused a kind of interrelation between the geography of the place and the components of the design.

Then, due to the location of the villa in the southern part of the land according to the town rules and the location of public spaces in the northern and central part, the depth of the structure is exposed to southern sunlight by creating a central empty core. This little difference in the structure of the design increased the communication potential of public spaces and the strengthened the human connection with the lost space of the vertical axis.

Due to the morphology of the new texture and structural approaches inconsistent with the use and nature, as well as creation of masses from different geographies, the emergence of heterogeneous forms and colors is evident, so the use of the potential of primitive shapes in the geometric system of the design and using White and gray colors became a balancing act.