Gap Villa

Motel qu,Mazandaran



This project is a challenge to achieve the development of the interior space as a product of the architecture of the project. We found the project as an evolution from the inner space to the outer, reaching from the material quality to the spiritual quality, giving importance to the role of human in influencing and being influenced by the space so that this evolution gives him the opportunity to behave as he wants; it is at this time that architecture can transcend matter and creates an emotional bond.In this project, we tried to develop spatial arrangements in direct connection with the user’s biological patterns to meet a new level of complexity of human behavior.
The emphasis on the spatial system in this building is the emphasis on the spiritual reality, which is called (everywhere) as opposed to what we call (place). The challenge here is to create the space it places, not the mass which is placed.
In this project, we sought to mediate the tangible and intangible aspects, to create a system that is a model for the movement and life of contemporary human. Ultimately, the project is the result of the evolution of spaces around green nuclei, nuclei that already existed before the most primitive habitats.On the other hand, the project, in interaction with the neighborhood and the urban wall, is a sign of silence, as a precondition for being heard.